Park City police told of dogfight that drew blood |

Park City police told of dogfight that drew blood

The Park City Police Department reported responding to a report in late July of a confrontation between dogs in Park Meadows that resulted in one of the canines suffering a bite wound that broke the skin.

The case was logged at a little after 9 p.m. on July 24 on Estates Drive. Phil Kirk, a police captain, said four dogs and their two owners were at the scene. Kirk said the police were told the owner of two of the dogs was walking them from a backyard to the yard in the front of the person’s house. The two dogs, of unknown breeds but one described as small, were on retractable leashes, according to the police.

A person walked by with two French bulldogs on retractable leashes. Kirk said the police were told the two French bulldogs attacked one of the other dogs, biting it in the area of the mouth. The attack drew blood, Kirk said.

The owner of the French bulldogs indicated the dog that was bitten was “coming after” them when it was bitten, Kirk said.

Kirk said the owner of the French bulldogs, though, agreed to pay for treatment at a veterinarian.

The Police Department did not issue a citation and forwarded the case to Summit County Animal Control for further investigation.

The case on July 24 followed a week after the police received a report of a scuffle between dogs on a small street off Queen Esther Drive. A dog off a leash attacked another canine, the police were told.


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