Park City police told of loud bass, noisy hot tub people |

Park City police told of loud bass, noisy hot tub people

The Park City Police Department last week dealt with a series of cases involving loud people, music or parties, a set of complaints logged as the summer tourism season begins and with the crowds expected to increase in coming weeks as the season reaches what is traditionally its busiest stretch.

The cases last week stretched through differing neighborhoods and did not appear to be serious. Noise complaints are common in Park City during busy tourism periods. Some of the cases involved loud music while at least one other centered on noisy people in a hot tub.

The cases are generally logged as suspected disturbing the peace. Public police logs did not provide details.

The cases reported to the Police Department last week included:

• on Sunday, June 3 at 10:16 p.m., loud music was reported on Meadows Drive.

• on June 3 at 9:43 p.m., people were reported to be making lots of noise in a Kearns Boulevard courtyard. A bounce house was at the location as well, the police were told.

• on June 3 at 2:24 a.m., people in a hot tub were making lots of noise, the police were told.

• on Saturday, June 2 at 10:17 p.m., someone on Kearns Boulevard reported loud bass sounds. The person wanted the bass volume turned down, the police were told. The person also wanted the information forwarded to City Hall officials.

• on Thursday, May 31 at 10:51 p.m., loud people were reported on Norfolk Avenue. The person who contacted the Police Department wanted the people to be “kindly reminded” of the noise rules, according to police logs.

Other cases were reported on streets like Silver King Drive and Main Street as well as in Prospector.

The Police Department typically warns people to turn down the music volume or speak in softer tones when officers respond to noise complaints or parties.


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