Park City police told of person flashing LED light at drivers on tiny Old Town road |

Park City police told of person flashing LED light at drivers on tiny Old Town road

There has been a series of incidents over the years regarding traffic on Hillside Avenue involving drivers and people who live on the road or on nearby roads. The Park City Police Department in late July received a complaint of someone flashing a light at drivers.
Jay Hamburger/Park Record

The Park City Police Department in late July received a complaint of a confrontation in Old Town that involved someone flashing a light at drivers, another incident, and an unusual one, on a tiny street where there has long been frustration with the traffic.

The police received the report at 10:30 p.m. on July 31 on Hillside Avenue. It is a small but strategically located street that links upper Main Street with Marsac Avenue. There are just several residences on Hillside Avenue, but people who live there have for years been upset with the amount of traffic, especially commercial vehicles likes taxis and shuttles, using Hillside Avenue.

The police were told a man on Hillside Avenue was flashing a LED light at vehicles. The person who contacted the police said they stopped to talk to the man. The police were told the man was “yelling at her and now she is blinded,” according to public police logs. The Police Department logs described the circumstances as suspicious.

The police said an officer who responded to the scene found a man who lives in the neighborhood. The man “expressed frustration over the amount & speeds of traffic traveling through his neighborhood, especially shuttle vans,” according to the police.

The officer, though, was not sure if the man was the same person who reportedly flashed the light at vehicles. The police said the officer offered to conduct additional traffic enforcement on or close to Hillside Avenue.

Hillside Avenue is a two-lane street that is narrow enough to make it difficult for two vehicles headed in opposite directions to pass each other. But the street is also one of the only routes into and out of the Main Street core and the southern reaches of the residential section of Old Town, giving it broader importance. Taxi drivers, shuttle drivers and others headed toward Main Street heavily use the road. People who live on nearby streets also frequently drive the road as they head to and from their homes.

There has been a string of incidents over the years on Hillside Avenue between drivers and people who either live on Hillside Avenue or on nearby roads. In one of the cases, in 2018, the police were told a pedestrian waved a vehicle over and told the person not to drive on Hillside Avenue, which is a public road.

City Hall has taken a series of steps designed to reduce the impact of traffic on Hillside Avenue and nearby roads. Officials this summer put new striping on Hillside Avenue and placed large planters at one end of the street as part of the efforts.

The Police Department in the days after the July 31 incident involving the flashing light on Hillside Avenue responded to two additional cases on the road. On Aug. 4 at 6:26 p.m., a driver reportedly turned from Daly Avenue onto Hillside Avenue without stopping at a stop sign. A pedestrian who contacted the police about the driver indicated the driver yelled, according to public police logs. The logs did not provide details. Three days later, at 1:11 p.m. on Aug. 7, a vehicle was parked in a location where it blocked left turns from Marsac Avenue onto Hillside Avenue, the police were told.

The police last week also reported conducting traffic enforcement on Hillside Avenue or in the immediate vicinity during the afternoon of Aug. 3 and the evening of Aug. 4. The police did not observe any traffic violations while at the location on Aug. 4, but public police logs did not provide details about the enforcement on Aug. 3.

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