Park City readies parking lot for Main Street workers |

Park City readies parking lot for Main Street workers

Park City on Friday plans to open a park-and-ride lot at 1875 Homestake Road, just off Kearns Boulevard, as a revamped paid-parking system launches in the Main Street core. The Homestake Road lot will be available exclusively to people who work in Old Town.
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Park City launches a revamped, expanded paid-parking system in the Main Street core on Friday, something that is expected to leave people who work on the shopping, dining and entertainment strip looking for another place to park.

As City Hall unveils the new system, officials plan to also open a park-and-ride lot outside Old Town that will be available exclusively to people who work in Old Town. The lot is located at 1875 Homestake Road, just off Kearns Boulevard.

City Hall acquired the land with the idea of guiding the future use of the parcel. Detailed long-range decisions have not been made, but the land is seen as serving a critical role this winter with the introduction of the new paid-parking system.

The lot is scheduled to open on Friday alongside the changes to paid parking. Park City officials want Old Town workers to park in the lot on Homestake Road and take a shuttle to their place of employment. The free shuttle will take riders between the parking lot and the Old Town transit center. It will run from noon until 4 a.m. at the beginning. The hours could be changed later as City Hall monitors the ridership numbers. It will run every 10 minutes on the one-mile route between the lot and the transit center.

There will be 250 parking spaces in the lot. A package of upgrades designed to prepare the land includes a new layer of pavement, striping of parking spots, new lights and new fences. A bus shelter is also part of the upgrades.

“We’re bringing the employees the last mile they would have to drive anyway,” said Lynn Ware Peek, a City Hall official assisting with the public relations as the new paid-parking system nears.

The revamped paid parking will be one of the most dramatic changes to the system in the 20 years it has existed. City Hall will modify the rate structure so it is more expensive during the peak season. Paid parking will return to Swede Alley and the China Bridge garage after years of free parking in those locations. Crews have recently been posting signs and installing the equipment needed for the new system.

Park City leaders opted for the revamped system in an effort to ensure there are spaces available for customers. If the Main Street workforce occupies parking spaces on or close to Main Street, the thinking goes, those spots would not be available for people wanting to shop or dine.

“It’s taking 250 cars out of China Bridge and putting them a mile away,” Ware Peek said about the lot on Homestake Road, adding that the lot will also reduce traffic headed into and out of the Main Street core.

Only employees who work in Old Town will be eligible to park in the lot. Someone must register a vehicle via email. The email must include the person’s name, the license-plate state and number as well as the name of the employer. Emails must be sent to City Hall will send an email to confirm a vehicle has been registered after the person’s employment has been verified. More information about the revamped paid-parking system is available on the City Hall website. Someone may also call 615-7275.

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