Park City roof sheds ice and snow, smashing into a car |

Park City roof sheds ice and snow, smashing into a car

Falling ice badly damaged a vehicle parked in a parking lot along Kearns Boulevard on Friday, another incident resulting from the recent heavy snows in the Park City area. City Hall in conjunction with Summit County and the Park City Fire District in February issued a public-safety advisory regarding the dangers of shedding snow from a roof.
Courtesy of the Park City Police Department

Falling ice badly damaged a car in a Park City parking lot on Friday, the Park City Police Department was told, another recent episode that illustrates the problems created by the winter’s heavy snowfall even in a community with an economy driven by the snow-dependent ski industry.

The car was outside a commercial building along Kearns Boulevard when snow and ice shed from the roof. Images provided by the Police Department show a smashed windshield, bad dents on the hood and what appeared to be damage to one of the side mirrors. One of the images also appeared to show damage to the building’s gutter, with part of the gutter hanging just a few feet off the ground. Another image showed large chunks of ice, appearing to be 2 or 3 feet in length, on the ground next to the car.

The Police Department received a report of the incident at 5:45 p.m. Dispatchers were told that a car “was totaled by ice falling off the roof,” according to public police logs. The logs indicated the Police Department classified the case as civil in nature rather than as criminal. The Police Department said the estimated damage exceeds $5,000.

Nobody was inside the car at the time and nobody was injured, the police said. Phil Kirk, a police captain, said people should be aware of the possibility of rooftop snow when they are walking or parking a vehicle.

“We were fortunate there was nobody inside the vehicle,” Kirk said.

The heavy snow has left large piles on roofs across Park City with danger mounting of shedding like the case on Kearns Boulevard. There is also the danger of the rooftop snow leading to the collapse or partial collapse of a roof. Part of a roof of a Thaynes Canyon house collapsed in February, leaving the section of roof at an essentially 90-degree angle inside the house, images provided by the Park City Fire District showed.

City Hall in conjunction with the Fire District and Summit County in February issued a public-safety advisory regarding the dangers of shedding snow from a roof and accumulating snow on roofs. It said the snowy weather “created hazardous roof snow shed and accumulation conditions in the Park City area.”

“We would like to remind residents and visitors to take extra precaution when walking near homes or buildings with sloped roofs and to monitor roofs for signs of stress,” the advisory said.

The two-page release said snow and ice that shed from a roof can badly injure someone and cars that are left under or close to roofs are at risk. The release cautioned people to be aware of the surroundings and keep children away from places where snow and ice may shed.

The snow has also been blamed for a series of traffic accidents and parking problems. The Police Department has also received complaints about people pushing snow onto the property of others. There have also been instances of people moving snow from their property onto streets. Tension seemed to especially rise in early February.

The skiing conditions, though, were stellar during February, a crucial month for the industry, and continue to be lauded in March, another important month. The heavy snow is also critical for area water managers since drinking water and water for irrigation relies on the melting snow.

The National Weather Service forecast for Park City on Tuesday morning predicted up to two feet of snow could fall through Friday.

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