Park City School District responds to airsoft gun threat |

Park City School District responds to airsoft gun threat

School officials notify police, but reassure parents that there's no immediate threat

The Park City School District on Tuesday night responded to a threat made on social media of a student bringing a gun to school.

According to a district press release, administration learned around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday of a Snapchat post of a student putting a “gun-like weapon” in a backpack and saying, “All will be better tomorrow.”

The district notified the Park City Police Department, which dispatched officers to the student’s home and conducted an interview and search. Officers found an airsoft gun, which was the weapon pictured in the Snapchat post. Airsoft guns are replica weapons that fire plastic BBs.

According to the district, the student will stay home from school Wednesday and the Police Department will perform a complete investigation, though there is no immediate threat.

Further information about the student, such as which school he or she attends, was not released.

“We are grateful to law enforcement officials in both Summit County Sheriff’s Office and Park City Police for the rapid response to this incident,” the release states. “Additionally, we are appreciative of the students who took this serious, reported to parents, who then contacted school officials. Our children’s safety is the number one priority.”


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