Park City sets aside superhero-only parking |

Park City sets aside superhero-only parking

Spots signed for the military, veterans and first responders

A sign at the Park City Library designates a parking spot for superheroes, described as military veterans, people who are serving in the military, police officers and firefighters. Veterans say the spots are appreciated.
Jay Hamburger/Park Record

Park City has set aside a few parking spots for superheroes.

And no capes or masks are required.

Officials at City Hall have posted two signs reserving parking spots for people who have served the country in the armed forces or who are first responders, a display of gratitude by the municipal government. One is outside the Park City Library while the other is on Swede Alley. They were posted in the spring without fanfare.

The signs are emblazoned with the American flag, the City Hall logo and the words “Super Hero Parking Only.” The signs designate the parking spots for military veterans, people who currently are members of the military, police officers and firefighters.

“It was just a small, little thing, right for us to do,” said Matt Cassel, the Park City engineer and the staffer who brought the idea to City Hall, adding that he has a “high level of respect” for first responders and members of the military.

Cassel said he has a daughter who is a helicopter pilot in the Navy. Her husband is a Marine, he said.

Cassel said the idea to post the signs went through a municipal process designed to allow someone to suggest programs or measures that normally address a traffic issue. Cassel acknowledged the signs are not enforced. There are no plans to post additional signs, he said. It is not clear how frequently the spaces are used. The one outside the library has been unoccupied at many points in the past week.

“Much appreciated. Our service hasn’t gone unnoticed,” said Phil Kirk, a Park City Police Department captain and a veteran of the Navy Reserve, calling the parking spots “very encouraging.”

Kirk said there are “sacrifices you make in both fields,” referring to law enforcement and the military. There are five veterans of the military who are members of the Police Department.

“It’s nice to get some recognition for our sacrifice,” he said.

Glenn Wright, an Air Force veteran who served two tours in the Vietnam War, said the parking spots are a “nice gesture.” He is also the adjutant, or administrative officer, of the Park City post of the American Legion.

“I really appreciate that. I think all veterans will,” Wright said, adding, “I was just doing what needed to be done at the time. That’s doing your duty as an American citizen.”