Park City Ski Team awards and recognition |

Park City Ski Team awards and recognition

Submitted by Dave GalushaPark City Ski Team Director

This ski-racing season saw Park City Ski Team (PCST) athletes compete and perform at every level of competition from the Youth Ski League to the U.S. National Championships. Due to the swine flu scare in Park City, the PCST Awards Banquet scheduled for last Friday night was cancelled. Given the outstanding season that the PCST enjoyed, award recipients are listed below for each level of the program and for program-wide awards. A series of athlete skits and "the season in video" presentations were to be included with the presentation of awards and a celebration of the year at the banquet.

Devo Team

Our 30 Devo Team members (ages 9 to 10) enjoyed some great all-mountain skiing, a few days of race training and a mix of Youth Ski League and South Series races including those at Park City, The Canyons, Brighton, Snow Basin, Snowbird and Brian Head. The Devo group, as always, led the way in depth of results at these events. All Devos are presented with a recognition award at the PCST banquet, along with some entertaining stories from Head Coach Dar Hendrickson and his staff.

C Team

The 38 J4s and J5s (ages 10 to 12) on the PCST C Team raced at all South Series events and 13 of them qualified to the J4 Derby, the top level of competition within the Intermountain J4 structure. PCST C Team athletes placed in the top three at South Series events 33 times this season.

C Team awards:

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  • Most Improved — Carter Reynolds, Alexis Polenz and Haley Adelman
  • Strongest All Mountain Skiers — Mackenzie Howard and Ryan Fogerty
  • Hard Charger Award — Ralf Carestia and Gretchen Swenson
  • Top Performers (based on South Series race results) J4s: Ally Gordon and Ian Griffith; J5s: Jonas Peek and Keaton Eyring

    B Team J3s

    Head Coach Ben Sinclair was quoted as calling this a "dream season" for the J3s (ages 13 to 14). The J3 group of 40 athletes competed in a series of Junior Olympic qualifying events throughout the Intermountain Division and a few Open Series races where they competed with the older IMD athletes. At the JO qualifiers, PCST athletes placed in the top three 24 times and 23 PCST athletes qualified to the Junior Olympics, more than any other race program in the West.

    J3 Awards:

  • Season Top Performers — Daniel Demschar and Sophie Frankenburg
  • Attendance Award — Taly Polukoff
  • Conditioning Award — Cheech Minniear and Hartley Greenwald
  • Hard Charger Award — Katy Greene
  • Whistler Award — Kieran Adams, winner of Junior Olympic overall title and competed at FIS Children’s Championship events at Whistler, B.C.
  • Most Improved- The entire J3 group

    A Team/B Team J1/2s

    This group of 30 athletes (ages 15 to 19) competed in strong numbers at every level of junior racing in the U.S., Canada, and some internationally. Through the U.S. Ski Association’s points ranking system, 13 PCST athletes ended the season ranked in the top 15 for their age in the country. Six PCST athletes competed at the U.S. National Championships, eight raced at the NorAm level, six qualified for the Junior 2 National Championships and 12 qualified for the Western Region Junior Championships. Based on results from the season-long Western Region FIS Elite series, PCST women won six of the Western Region Junior Awards: Danielle Govan first in Slalom, Jamie Dupratt — second in Slalom, Kate Williams — first in Giant Slalom and Rose Caston — first in Super G and Downhill and second in Giant Slalom. Overall, PCST athletes had 66 top three finishes in races this season. Head Coach Patrick Purcell prepared a long list of accomplishments to present at the banquet. In summary, this was an extremely talented group. We wish all of our graduating athletes a great future in continued ski racing and in life.

    J1/2 Program awards:

    Most Improved — Nic Scalia and Jamie Dupratt

    Alpine Achievement — Christoph Lentz

    Conditioning Excellence — Derek Strand

    Junior 2 Hard Charger — Sam Dupratt

    Sportsmanship — Jessica Karz and Jake Fojtik

    Come Back Awards — Stephen Perry and Taylor Guetschow

    Top Performers — Kate Williams and Charlie Reynolds

    Program-wide awards:

  • Academic Excellence (top GPA 6-12 grades):

    Sixth grade — 4.0 — Lee McMahon, David Domonoske, Ian Griffith, Jake Maschoff,

    Tucker Mirams and Romain Astie

    Seventh grade — 4.0 — Katie Hitchcock, Hannah Hunsacker and Carter Reynolds

    Eighth grade — 4.0 — Rachel Jakob, Riley Reek & Eric Hanaman

    Ninth grade — 3.92 — Gabriela D’Elia and Keegan Swenson

    Tenth grade — 4.0 — Katie Bernhard

    Eleventh grade — 3.89 — Christoph Lentz

    Twelfth grade — 3.70 — Taylor Guetschow

  • PCST Newspaper Award — Recognition for outstanding service to the PCST from within the ranks of the membership — Kevin Morgan, PCSEF BOT member, for his perseverance through leadership roles in two areas: the development of our new website and his help with the successful Transportation Drive fundraiser.
  • Friends of the PCST Award — The Staff at Cole Sport for their support to the PCST in many ways, including the 4th of July Run and service to our athletes.
  • The PCST Eagle Award — Presented to the anonymous donor whose very generous matching pledge allowed the PCST to exceed expectations in raising funds to support our efforts in providing safe transportation for PCST travel.
  • Cathy Swing Memorial Scholarship Award — A scholarship presented to a female athlete who demonstrates the qualities of an outstanding competitor and supportive teammate. This year’s award goes to Sydney Staples, who had a very successful season qualifying for the Junior 2 National Championships as a first year J2 and had many top age-group results. Sydney is one of the top-ranked J2 athletes in the country. Having gone through the loss of her father, Mark, last summer, Syd showed strength of character and personal will that proved to be remarkable.
  • David Wright Memorial Scholarship — This award goes to an athlete who shared the love of the sport and the qualities of sportsmanship and character with the person who the award memorializes. Sam Dupratt, another outstanding PCST J2 competitor earns this year’s award through his daily commitment, desire to learn, and ability to keep the ups and downs of the sport in perspective.

  • PCST Skier of the Year — Rose Caston, following former recipients Bryon Friedman, TJ Lanning, Steven Nyman, Adam Cole, Megan McJames, Hailey Duke, Ted Ligety and others on to the U.S. Ski Team. Rose’s had an outstanding year with top results at the Junior 2 Nationals, U.S. Nationals and as a member of this year’s World Junior Championship Team. Rose qualified to the 2009-2010 U.S. Ski Team by meeting published criteria through her rankings of fifth in the world in Super G and second in the world in Downhill for her age.

    As the Park City Ski Team continues to be a leading junior alpine program within Intermountain, the western region and the country, it is with pride that we celebrate a great 2008-2009 ski-racing season. We now prepare for a new season of hard work, fun and success.