Park City suffers water leaks separate from major hotel break |

Park City suffers water leaks separate from major hotel break

The authorities in Park City last week received a series of reports involving water leaks or water bubbling to the surface in neighborhoods, but a waterworks official said the cases are not linked to a major line break that occurred in the same week.

The Park City Police Department fielded some of the complaints as people saw water leaks in disparate parts of the city. The line break in the early morning hours of Thursday, June 21, at the Silver King Hotel on Empire Avenue caused extensive flooding at the property as approximately 100,000 gallons leaked. The other cases were reported afterward. The Park City Public Utilities Department, though, indicated the problem at the hotel did not cause the issues that occurred afterward.

Kyle MacArthur, who manages the municipal water-distribution system, explained the system is divided into pressure zones. The later cases did not occur in the same zone as the Silver King Hotel, he said, meaning they cannot be related to the issue at the hotel.

MacArthur said it is unclear what caused the issues last week, describing the problems might be a result of aging infrastructure.

“We monitor the water system 24 hours a day. We would notice if something is out of the ordinary,” he said about the pressure in the system.

He added no alarms were triggered last week that would have alerted workers to a pressure change that could have caused the issues.

The cases last week included incidents on streets like Deer Valley Loop Road on the entryway to Deer Valley, Estates Drive in Park Meadows, Arabian Drive in Park Meadows and Heber Avenue in Old Town.

The Police Department was told on Sunday water was apparently entering a residence at 10:16 p.m. in the case logged on Deer Valley Loop Road. The Estates Drive report, just before 5 p.m. on Sunday, involved a leak in a yard, possibly from a fire hydrant. On Arabian Drive, meanwhile, the report at shortly before 11 a.m. on Sunday focused on water leaking for several days followed by an unspecified issue with the water main. The person asked for assistance shutting off the water, according to Police Department logs.

The day before, water was seen leaking next to an electrical box on Heber Avenue at approximately 8:30 p.m., while approximately an hour later a broken pipe in an irrigation line was reported on Tremper Lane in Park City Heights. Earlier that day, at a little after 4 p.m., water was seen surfacing from under the road at or close to the intersection of Main Street and Heber Avenue.

MacArthur said it appeared most of the cases last week involved problems with sprinkler systems on private property rather than municipal lines on public property. An estimate of the amount of water lost between the cases was not available.

The Public Utilities Department crews that responded to several of the cases last week temporarily interrupted water service to the sprinkler systems as repairs were made, he said. The owner is typically responsible for repairs if an issue is on private property, while the Public Utilities Department makes the repairs in cases on public property.

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