Park City takes next step in water project |

Park City takes next step in water project


City Hall is moving forward with its plan for a $36.5 million project to increase the city’s water capacity by importing water from Rockport reservoir through Promontory.

On July 1, officials held a meeting at the Park City Library to answer questions on getting all or some of a $1.1 million zero-interest bond from the Utah Board of Water Resource to create an effective interest rate of 4 percent for a loan the city will need for the project.

Moving forward with phase one of the project will not raise water rates said Kathy Lundborg, city water manager.

Phase one will cost about $15.3 million and includes the construction of water treatment plant at Quinn’s Junction, an automatic meter-reading system and various pipelines.

According to Lundborg, there is no water-source redundancy remaining and none available for new growth.

One-third of the newly imported water to the city from the will be needed to maintain current capacity. The rest will potentially be available for development and for use in case of an emergency or draught, explained Bob Rosenthal, president of Rosenthal and Associates.

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"This will buy us many years," Lundborg said.

For example, a water line replacement will improve the pressure of fire hydrants in the Rossi Hill area, she said.

An aspect of phase one could affect residents the most is the installation of an automatic meter-reading system, Lundborg said.

There will no longer be a need to wait for snow to melt to read meters. The information will be provided in real time and customers can use the system to alert themselves via text or e-mail when their household has used up a set amount.

The meter will also make it easier to enforce rules on watering lawns in the summer, she said.

Water rates did increase by 12 percent on July 1 but was not affected by this stage of the project.

The water department welcomes comments on this issue at (435) 615-5339.