Park City traffic stop: ‘due to driving with a total lack of regard for his own or the public’s safety’ |

Park City traffic stop: ‘due to driving with a total lack of regard for his own or the public’s safety’

Traffic backs up on Kearns Boulevard close to the Bonanza Drive intersection during the evening rush hour on Monday. The Park City Police Department last week mounted a traffic-enforcement operation along the Kearns Boulevard corridor, indicating officers pulled over numerous drivers.
Jay Hamburger/Park Record

The Park City Police Department in the first week of September mounted an operation targeting traffic violations along the Kearns Boulevard corridor, a stretch of especially heavy enforcement that was timed for the early weeks of classes in the Park City School District.

Police officers stopped drivers on Kearns Boulevard itself as well as on nearby streets in Prospector. Public police logs showed numerous traffic stops during the operation, including times when it appeared the officers were pulling over drivers one after another in quick succession. During one stretch, officers stopped 35 drivers in the Prospector area, the police said in an online posting.

Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the operation was designed to coincide with the first weeks of the school year. There is heavy school traffic along the Kearns Boulevard corridor as students drive themselves or parents take their children to the School District campus.

Kirk said police officers typically warn, rather than cite, more than half of the drivers they stop for minor violations if the drivers are first-time offenders. Kirk said the Police Department received positive responses on social media to the operation.

Violations of turning restrictions triggered some of the traffic stops on or close to Kearns Boulevard, the police said.

The issues on the roads last week extended well outside the Kearns Boulevard corridor as the Police Department received complaints or officers pulled over drivers across the community.

Some of the other cases included:

• on Sunday, Sept. 8 at 8:54 a.m., a pickup truck reportedly was seen traveling at 70 mph on Bonanza Drive. The person who contacted the Police Department indicated the driver might have been intoxicated, according to department logs.

• on Thursday, Sept. 5 at 7:17 a.m., a driver was stopped in the vicinity of the Marsac Avenue-Prospect Avenue intersection. The police said the vehicle was traveling at 70 mph in a location where the speed limit is 40 mph. The traffic stop was “due to driving with a total lack of regard for his own or the public’s safety,” the Police Department logs said.

• on Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 4:28 p.m., an officer stopped a driver on Marsac Avenue traveling 61 mph in a 40 mph zone. Police officers stopped other drivers that day in the vicinity of the case at 4:28 p.m. In one of the other cases, the police cited a person on a count of providing false personal information to an officer.

Speeding and other traffic offenses have long been one of the top concerns of Parkites, and the Police Department regularly conducts traffic patrols. The police occasionally conduct operations like the one last week.

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