Park City vodka distillery could produce its first batch in the summer |

Park City vodka distillery could produce its first batch in the summer

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

Club Lespri recently secured a permit allowing the Prospector business to open a vodka distillery at its Sidewinder Drive site.

The Park City Planning Commission granted the club what is known as a conditional use permit for the distillery. There was little interest from regular Parkites as the distillery received the permit.

Scott Rogers, the Club Lespri founder, said the club plans to start building the distillery after the ski season. He said he hopes to produce the first batch of vodka in the summer. He said the club is experimenting with recipes already.

The distillery at the restaurant-spa-health club will purchase a neutral-grain spirit and then distill the spirit into what Rogers describes as vapor-infused vodka. He has called the product "super premium botanical vodkas." The club will not ferment the alcohol at the site, though.

Rogers has said operating a small distillery provides the opportunity to produce vodkas that are "far superior" to mass-produced vodkas. The line of vodkas has been labeled Lespri Spirits.

"The smaller the still, the more hands on, the better product you’ll get," Rogers has said.

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He has also said he wants to distribute the vodkas to bars and restaurants throughout Utah and operate a tasting room at the Sidewinder Drive site.

The Planning Commission required the distillery to undergo a review in one year, a demand that is typical when the panel approves a business use. A plan to handle hazardous materials at the site was also required.

The debut of the vodka distillery is scheduled a few months after the opening of High West Distillery, a whiskey maker that occupies a historic property in Old Town. Park City is also the home to a small startup brewery that recently received the permits it needed.

"I hope that there’s more distilled spirits in business in Park City," Rogers said.