Park City warns shedding snow, ice endangers people, parked cars |

Park City warns shedding snow, ice endangers people, parked cars

Snow has built up on roofs across Park City as a result of the recent string of storms. Part of a roof of a Thaynes Canyon house collapsed on Tuesday. City Hall issued a statement outlining the dangers created by the heavy snowfall and saying there is a risk of injury if someone is hit by snow and ice shedding from a roof.
Tanzi Propst/Park Record

Park City said this week there are hazards from snow shedding off roofs as a result of the recent storms, a warning that was issued at about the same time of a Tuesday roof collapse in Thaynes Canyon that was suspected to have been caused by the snow that had piled up.

City Hall issued a one-page release outlining the dangers created by the heavy snowfall. The statement regarding shedding snow is especially notable at a time when large amounts of snow are visible on roofs across Park City.

The release says the rooftop snows are “common occurrences” at this point in the winter. It says there is a risk of injury by snow and ice that sheds from a roof. Parked cars could be damaged as well, City Hall says.

“Please remain aware of your surroundings and assist children and others to keep clear of snow and ice shed zones,” the release says.

The release also addresses the topic of storing snow, another issue that is notable at a time of heavy snowfall. City Hall says people “are encouraged to maintain snow upon the property where it accumulated.” Doing so is a “courtesy to neighbors and drivers,” the release says.

“If necessary, snow may be hauled off site and deposited on another property, with property owner permission,” it says.

Snow storage remains difficult in some Park City locations, particularly in tightly packed Old Town. People in Old Town sometimes shovel snow from their property into the street since they lack somewhere to put the snow.

City Hall also covers rules regarding removing snow around fire hydrants. People whose properties include a fire hydrant must keep the hydrant clear of snow, according to City Hall laws. The municipal government wants three feet cleared from around a hydrant.

The release also says snow should removed from around gas meters and lines.

There has been tension in Park City amid the storms even as skiers and snowboarders welcome the fine conditions. The Park City Police Department has received reports of snow being moved onto the property of others as well as a driveway blocked by snow.

The reports continued in the past week-plus, Police Department logs show. In one case, midday on Feb. 15 on Main Street, an issue with snow shoveling apparently led someone to yell at another person, the police said. In the 12 p.m. hour the day before, meanwhile, the police received a complaint from someone on Woodside Avenue about a neighbor “confronting” the caller about where the person was putting snow.


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