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A garbage rule: regulations put on Old Town trash cans

Park City leaders enacted a rule requiring trash and recycling cans in Old Town be labeled with the street address. It is an effort to ensure people comply with a law prohibiting someone from leaving a can on the curb indefinitely. Jake Shane/Park Record

People who live in Old Town are not allowed to put their garbage and recycling cans on the curb until the evening before pickup day, and they must remove them from the curb by the end of the pickup day.

City Hall will soon learn who is not following the rules.

Park City officials are readying to enforce the rules and have started a public-relations effort to explain them. City Hall in a letter to Old Town residents indicated enforcement will be increased starting on Feb. 18. If someone does not follow the rules, the trash and recycling cans could be seized, the letter indicates.

The rule prohibits someone from putting the cans on the curb earlier than 6 p.m. the day before they are collected. The cans must be removed from the curb by 11:59 p.m. on the collection day. In Old Town, the only neighborhood covered by the rule, trash and recycling are collected on Thursdays.

Park City leaders on and off for years have expressed concerns about the trash and recycling cans in Old Town. There have been complaints that the cans are unsightly in a historic district when they are left on the curb for days at a time. The Park City Council in 2015 moved against the practice of leaving cans on the curb, enacting the law.

Matt Abbott, the environmental project manager at City Hall and one of the staffers involved in the implementation of the rule, said officials want to combat "clutter on the streets." He said some people in Old Town leave the cans on the curb all week, creating problems for snowplow crews and causing parking issues. The cans are allowed to remain visible on a property, but they cannot be at the curb. "Tidiness and order" are desired in Old Town, Abbott said.

The City Council did not extend the rule to other parts of Park City. Homeowners associations that exist elsewhere in Park City typically regulate the placement of trash cans, Abbott said. There is not a homeowners association in Old Town, leaving City Hall to regulate architectural styles and other matters that would otherwise be overseen by a homeowners association.

The elected officials, meanwhile, required people in Old Town to label the trash and recycling cans with their address number. The address numbers will allow City Hall to track people who violate the time and day restrictions.

The numbers can be painted onto the cans or written. Stickers may also be used. The numbers need to be put on the top and the front of the trash and recycling cans. Abbott said numerical stickers are available at hardware stores. The numbers must be two inches tall whether they are painted or are stickers.

City Hall recently sent a letter to property owners in Old Town explaining the new rules. The letter, though, was not sent to people who rent in Old Town. Abbott said officials have started to place informational notices on the cans or on doors. The letter indicates that Park City plans to remove trash and recycling cans without address numbers starting on Feb. 18. Abbott, though, said warnings will be issued prior to any removal, saying "education and good customer service" will first be used.

Address numbers have been seen on some trash and recycling cans in Old Town in recent weeks, but many cans that were on the curb Thursday morning did not have numbers.

In an interview, the chairman of City Hall’s Old Town panel, known as the Historic Preservation Board, questioned the need for the rules. David White, an architect who lives in Park Meadows and has designed houses and residential additions in Old Town for years, said he is not a "proponent of regulation after regulation after regulation." He said the trash and recycling cans are not problems unless they are left at the curb for extended periods.

"It’s my opinion that the majority of the residents in Old Town are vigilant about bringing their cans or barrels in after they’re emptied," White said.

For more information about the rules, contact Abbott at 615-5178 or matt.abbott@parkcity.org.

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