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A hot case: police stop fire-breather on Main Street


The Park City Police Department requested a fire-breathing entertainer stop performing along Main Street on Saturday night, indicating there was concern about the fire danger.

The case was logged at 9:08 p.m. Phil Kirk, a police captain, observed the entertainment while on duty. Kirk said two men were outside an art gallery that had been rented for a party. The two were hired to perform at the party. One was holding a torch and the other was the fire-breather, Kirk said, adding that there were up to 20 people outside watching and more spectators watching through the gallery’s windows.

Kirk said the fire-breathing man held a state-issued permit to perform. The police were concerned about the fire hazard and Kirk consulted Police Chief Wade Carpenter. Kirk asked the person to stop the performance. He complied, Kirk said.

The Park City Council last week approved a ban on fireworks and open fires through Oct. 31, citing the danger of a wildfire. Kirk said fire-breathing is prohibited through the ban on open fires.

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