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A trip through Mitt Romney’s Park City


Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, has long ties to Park City, starting in the mid-1990s and continuing through today.

Romney, featured in a Sundance Film Festival documentary, continues to enjoy wide popularity in Democratic-leaning Park City and surrounding Summit County from his days leading the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Some highlights:

  • 1995 — Romney buys a house on Rising Star Lane, a small street on the edge of Solamere.
  • 1999 — Romney becomes the head of the committee organizing the 2002 Winter Olympics. He spends some of his time in Park City, where upward of half of the Olympic competitions are held.
  • 2008 — Romney wins Utah’s Republican presidential primary contest by a wide margin. He receives approximately three-quarters of the votes in Summit County.
  • 2009 — Romney sells the Rising Star Lane house.
  • 2012 — Romney again routs his competition in Utah’s Republican presidential primary. In Summit County, he takes more than 90 percent of the vote.
  • 2012 — Romney holds a well-attended summertime gathering in Deer Valley as he prepares for the fall campaign against President Obama. Top-tier Republican figures travel to Park City for the event.
  • 2012 — in the losing contest with President Obama, Romney wins big in Utah on Election Day with nearly 73 percent of the vote. The results are much closer in Summit County, where Romney wins 51 percent of the vote.
  • 2013 — Romney holds another summertime gathering in Deer Valley. It is scaled back from the election-year event, but another roster of name Republicans attends.
  • 2013 — the Romneys buy a house on Silver Lake Drive in Deer Valley