After Sundance, there will be normalcy in Park City |

After Sundance, there will be normalcy in Park City

Park City officials will start tearing down the Sundance Film Festival set this weekend.

The festival ends on Sunday evening. By the time the credits end on the final screening, Park City expects to have already made significant progress in returning the community to normalcy.

Some of the most important moves will occur along Main Street or just off the street.

Dave Gustafson, a City Hall project manager heavily involved in Sundance, said China Bridge will return to its normal operations at 6 a.m. on Sunday. Parking will be free at China Bridge with time limits on Sunday after there was a charge for parking there during Sundance. Normal parking operations will also return to Swede Alley and the flagpole lot on Sunday.

Gustafson said normal parking operations will return to Main Street, including paid parking, on Sunday. Parking on Main Street was restricted to emergency vehicles and drop-offs and pick-ups during Sundance.

"Sunday we will be back to business as usual," he said.

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He said, though, parking restrictions will remain intact along Main Street in locations where crews will dismantle temporary Sundance setups. Gustafson said those restrictions will be in place through as late as Thursday.

Gustafson said parking restrictions on the west side of Park Avenue between 9th Street and 15th Street will be removed after 6 p.m. on Sunday.

By Sunday evening, the scene along Main Street usually has deflated significantly as many festival-goers have already left Park City and the corporate setups along the street have either already been dismantled or are in the process of being taken down.

At the Park City Municipal Athletic & Recreation Center, meanwhile, the Sundance screening room and associated setup will be removed over a few days after the festival. The gymnasium, where films are shown, is scheduled to reopen on Thursday morning. Indoor tennis court #4, where the entry line is located, is expected to reopen on Tuesday morning. The parking spaces at the Municipal Athletic & Recreation Center taken up during Sundance will be available Monday morning.