Along Old Town path, brown piles left by dogs highlighted in blue |

Along Old Town path, brown piles left by dogs highlighted in blue

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Someone in recent weeks highlighted the spots of brown along an Old Town pedestrian path with splashes of blue.

In an apparent effort to show the amount of dog feces on or just off the path, the person spray-painted the piles with blue paint. The person, it seems, could have also been responsible for a spray-painted stencil on a tunnel wall along the path and elsewhere on the cement. The stencil’s three-word message, with an expletive deleted: "No dog . . ."

The pedestrian path runs from the Main Street area on the eastern side of the Marriott Summit Watch to City Park. It borders Poison Creek, and perhaps the best-known landmark on the route is the Shoe Tree.

At least 15 piles of feces were marked with the blue paint last weekend. There were at least two of the stenciled messages. A supporter of the message wrote "Yeah!!" directly beneath one of the stencils.

The path is a popular route in Old Town, connecting Main Street with City Park and eventually with Prospector and the Rail Trail. People are regularly seen with their dogs — on or off their leashes — on the path.

City Hall laws prohibit a dog owner from allowing the pet to defecate in a public place unless the owner cleans up afterward. A dog can be declared to have caused a nuisance if there is a violation.

Heinrich Deters, the trails and open space manager at City Hall, said officials were informed of the blue paint earlier in March. It is not clear when the piles were painted. Deters said City Hall was not responsible for the paint or the stencil.

"Obviously someone’s upset about some people not picking up their dog poop," Deters said.

He said other areas with problems with dog feces include the green space outside the Park City Library and Education Center and Round Valley.

Deters said he would prefer someone contact the police in Park City or Summit County Animal Control instead of using the spray paint.

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