As Sundance approaches, regulations light up the marquee |

As Sundance approaches, regulations light up the marquee

As the Sundance Film Festival approaches, Park City has lit up the marquee with rules and regulations.

The festival opens on Jan. 21 and runs until Jan. 31, drawing large crowds of film lovers, an array of corporate interests and terrible traffic. It is the busiest stretch on Park City’s calendar.

City Hall recently created a Sundance section on the municipal website meant to guide people as they navigate the event. Parts of the section are written for those planning to conduct business in Park City during Sundance while other information is designed for people who want to attend.

There is information about parking, City Hall’s permitting processes and licensing issues. The municipal government heavily regulates many of the activities that occur during Sundance, and the section on the website provides one of the best resources available regarding City Hall’s role during the festival. Sundance itself holds the primary license from the municipal government, but numerous others seek permits for a variety of activities like gifting suites and functions during the festival.

Parking is a key to the overall operations during the film festival, and the website provides a rundown of options and restrictions. Main Street, as an example, will be a no-parking zone starting on the west side of the street on Jan. 19 and expanding to the east side of the street on Jan. 21. The street instead will function as a place for taxis, delivery vehicles and others to drop off and pick up. The parking restrictions are put in place in an effort to keep the traffic flowing better.

On Jan. 21, meanwhile, City Hall begins to charge for parking in public lots close to Main Street, including the China Bridge garage, the flagpole lot on Swede Alley, the Brew Pub lot, the lot on the north side of the Marsac Building and the top level of the garage at the Gateway Center. Pricing examples include $25 in the China Bridge garage and the flagpole lot at the beginning of Sundance and dropping to $10 on Jan. 26. Parking in the Brew Pub lot will cost $16 for three hours.

Park City offers what are known as Black Diamond parking permits, which guarantee parking on one of the China Bridge garage levels. They are priced at $450.

Free parking is available in the Sandridge lots, which are off Marsac Avenue just south of the Marsac Building, and at City Park. Free parking is also available in lots 5 and 6 outside Deer Valley Resort’s Snow Park Lodge after 5 p.m. There is also free parking on the weekends at Treasure Mountain Junior High.

Arrangements are made for people who hold Main Street employee parking passes, designated with a green dot, Main Street business permits, which have a blue square, and residential permits in Zone C. Free options are the roof level of the older part of the China Bridge garage, certain spots in the Gateway Center and the lot on the north side of the Marsac Building.

The Sundance section on the website provides tips like carpooling and then sharing the cost of parking, riding the free buses and working at times when the Snow Park Lodge lots are available.

Some of the other topics addressed in the Sundance section include:

  • a description of rules regarding gifting and hospitality suites, which especially pop up along Main Street during Sundance. City Hall prohibits activities like those in residential areas and licenses are needed elsewhere. Licenses require a Park City Building Department pre-inspection and the organizers must provide details about occupancy and floor plans.
  • an explanation of rules prohibiting renting a residence and then using it for corporate or business purposes like distributing products or services.
  • the requirement of Federal Aviation Administration approval to use a drone for commercial purposes. Officials want people with questions about drones to contact the Park City Police Department.
  • restrictions on street musicians, who may need to obtain a license. City Hall says amplified music is prohibited and performers are not allowed to hinder pedestrians or vehicles.

    The material identifies Jason Glidden, the economic development program manager for City Hall, and Michelle Downard, who is the deputy building official, as the contacts for the municipal government. Glidden is reachable at 615-5181 or while Downard is at 615-5109 or .

    The Sundance section is highlighted on the front page of the City Hall website, . The direct link is . The Sundance section includes a parking map at:

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