Attorney in Park City launches long shot bid for Congress |

Attorney in Park City launches long shot bid for Congress

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

The 1st Congressional District ballot in November will include a name that will be familiar to many Parkites.

Dwayne Vance, an attorney who has practiced in Park City and surrounding Summit County for nearly 20 years, is running a long shot campaign for Congress as a member of the Independent American Party. The party’s purpose, according to its platform, is "to bring our country back to the original intent of our founding fathers." The party practices a strict brand of constitutionalism. It is his first political campaign.

Vance is 47 years old and lives in the Millcreek area of the Salt Lake Valley. He has never lived in Summit County but has been a locally based attorney since 1995. He once was a member of prominent Park City attorney Joe Tesch’s firm and has since started his own.

Vance connections to Park City and Summit County over the years include involvement in the Park City Arts Council and The Colby School. He was the president of the Park City Bar Association and twice served as the president of the board of trustees of the Park City Film Series.

"It’s a matter of restoring freedoms," Vance said as he described the campaign.

A plank in his platform that could grab attention is his desire to eliminate federal departments over time. In a prepared outline of his platform, Vance said he wants the Department of Education and the Department of Energy eliminated. The Environmental Protection Agency should be eliminated as well, he said in the outline. The outline indicates he wants components of the Department of Energy and the EPA merged into the Department of Defense "to the extent they deal with national security issues."

Vance said in an interview he prefers schools be overseen locally. The federal government, he said, is "so far removed" from schools.

"It just gets to the point you’re out of touch," he said.

Vance wants the President Obama-supported health care law repealed and said in the outline a goal is to eliminate the federal government’s debt over time.

The candidate sees one critical role of the federal government being defense. He said the U.S. should not put its troops under the leadership of international bodies like the United Nations.

"Strong national defense is not subject to control by outside powers," he said.

Vance, meanwhile, said a important issue to the nation’s foreign relations is ensuring the proper use of U.S. financial assistance to other countries. He wants foreign aid "curtailed significantly across the board."

"We have a huge national debt. Why are we shipping money overseas," he said. Vance in the outline says: "foreign aid should be reserved for exceptional cases rather than doled out on an ongoing basis at the expense of our own national debt."

Some of the highlights of the outline include:

  • building what he calls an "economic wall" that could discourage people from immigrating to the U.S. illegally. "No rights, benefits or aid given to illegal immigrants, but legal immigrants given same rights and benefits as citizens," the outline says.
  • restructuring the monetary system, including the Federal Reserve. The Fed "should not be an independent body outside of the control of Congress, but rather it should be an actual federal agency directly under the control of Congress," he says in the outline.
  • protecting constitutional freedoms, including ensuring that the federal government does not spy on U.S. citizens or invade their privacy. "Preserve property rights, rather than taking citizens’ property/income and redistributing it based on social/welfare decisions made by politicians in Washington," he also says in the outline, adding that states should have sovereignty over land within their borders.
  • ensuring elected officials are "accountable to the citizens they represent rather than a particular political party and/or campaign donors."

    "Elected officials should come from a broad variety of backgrounds and serve for a limited time to provide the benefit of their perspective, talents and abilities, rather than having career politicians who are out of touch with the real world," he says.

    Field in the 1st

    The candidates who filed paperwork in the 1st Congressional District are:

  • Vance, Independent American
  • Rep. Rob Bishop, incumbent Republican
  • David Yu-Lin Chiu, Republican
  • Peter Clemens, Democrat
  • Donna McAleer, Democrat
  • Craig Bowden, Libertarian

    The state Republicans and Democrats will attempt to nominate a candidate at upcoming conventions. A primary election would be held if one candidate does not receive enough delegate support at the respective conventions.

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