Bonanza Park developers return with refinements |

Bonanza Park developers return with refinements

The Bonanza Park partnership, encountering resistance to the concept of redeveloping the district, is scheduled to hold another round of talks on Wednesday with a City Hall panel that is considering the idea.

The Park City Planning Commission remains in the early stages of its review of Bonanza Park, but the process has been intriguing nonetheless as members of the Planning Commission, the developer and the public have engaged in discussions touching on topics like growth in the district, the proposed building heights and traffic. The Bonanza Park side on Wednesday is expected to outline redone details.

Bonanza Park is centered along streets like Bonanza Drive and Kearns Boulevard. The land generally spreads inward from the Bonanza Drive-Kearns Boulevard intersection. The partnership, involving Mark J. Fischer and John Paul Dejoria, holds a patchwork of properties in the district and wants to pursue a reimagined Bonanza Park that would have residences, commercial spaces and offices.

Some of the parcels that are a part of the proposal include the location of a Maverick gas station, the former location of a carwash, the site of the Silver King Coffee Company and the building that houses the Kimball Art Center. The partnership has said it wants to provide temporary locations for the tenants during the construction and then wants them to move into the new places as the district is rebuilt.

The Bonanza Park project would be among the most ambitious redevelopments of Park City’s skiing era. It is rare for one developer to amass a portfolio of properties of the breadth of Bonanza Park. The district has long been seen as a more utilitarian section of Park City. Fischer, though, envisions Bonanza Park becoming a trendy place where people live, work and are entertained.

The Planning Commission is considering a pre-application for the project, a step when the panel weighs the project against City Hall’s General Plan, a broad document that guides growth. There would be a series of more detailed meetings if the Bonanza Park proposal advances from the pre-application stage before the eventual Planning Commission vote. The Planning Commission last addressed Bonanza Park at a meeting in May.

Critics of the project have stressed issues like the height of the proposed buildings in Bonanza Park. Some of them could reach five stories. There have also been concerns about whether a redeveloped Bonanza Park would price out some commercial and residential tenants. But others have expressed interest in a redone Bonanza Park, saying that taller buildings could be needed to ensure there is an adequate amount of housing in the district.

Fischer said in an interview the Bonanza Park team has spent considerable time in the past few months relooking at vehicle, pedestrian and bicyclist routes in the project, essentially how people will travel through the project. He said Bonanza Park wants to eliminate as many driveways as possible into or out of parking lots along Bonanza Drive and Kearns Boulevard.

“What you’re going to see is a lot of refinement,” Fischer said about the meeting on Wednesday.

The Planning Commission meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. in the Park City Council chambers at the Marsac Building. A hearing is scheduled.

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