Carcass of young moose found in Park City backyard |

Carcass of young moose found in Park City backyard

A moose carcass was found in a backyard in Park Meadows last week, the Park City Police Department said.

The police received the report at 4:59 p.m. on Sunset Court, a small street close to Lucky John Drive and Evening Star Drive. It is located toward the eastern edge of Park Meadows, close to the North 40 fields.

The state Division of Wildlife Resources was called to the address. Lucas McTaggart, the division’s conservation officer assigned to Park City and Wasatch County, said the carcass was that of a calf. The animal had been dead a few days, he said. The backyard is not fenced.

McTaggart said the moose may have been hit by a car. He said there were no signs of poaching. McTaggart said the person who contacted the authorities or the person’s child found the carcass.

The Division of Wildlife Resources removed the dead animal from the yard and disposed of the carcass.

Moose are plentiful in the Park City area. Sightings are reported to the police at a steady clip. It is rare, though, to find a moose carcass in a neighborhood.