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Celebrity swag mistakenly went to hotel workers during Sundance


Some employees of a hotel along Main Street received the celebrity treatment during the Sundance Film Festival.

They were not supposed to, though.

The Park City Police Department received a report late in the morning on Jan. 20 from one of the gifting suites set up for the festival. It involved missing shoes that were brought to Sundance to be given to celebrities.

Rick Ryan, a police captain, said the gifting suite had closed for the night and the shoes were left in the hotel manager’s office. One of the hotel employees apparently told coworkers the shoes were free for them and others, Ryan said.

The shoes, though, had been left in the manager’s office for safekeeping before they were given to celebrities who visited the gifting suite, Ryan said. Sixty-three pairs of shoes were mistakenly given to the hotel employees, he said. They are valued at a combined $2,200, Ryan said, an average of $34.90 per pair. The shoes are made by Yosi Samra, Ryan said.

Ryan said the promoter of the gifting suite indicated they would reimburse Yosi Samra. The captain said the case was resolved without requiring police action.

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Numerous corporate interests, some with official ties to Sundance, have a presence along Main Street during the festival in an effort to generate buzz for their brands.

Many of them give away products to celebrities who are in Park City for Sundance in hopes they will be seen donning the brand. Celebrities and their entourages are often seen leaving gifting suites carrying their bounty.