Chicken coop in Prospector destroyed in fire, chickens saved |

Chicken coop in Prospector destroyed in fire, chickens saved


A chicken coop was destroyed and a swing set was damaged in a small fire in a Prospector backyard on Tuesday, the Park City Fire District said.

The Fire District responded to a report at 6:11 p.m. on the 2100 block of Comstock Drive. Bob Zanetti, an assistant fire chief, said two engines and an ambulance rushed to the scene. The firefighters found visible flames when they arrived. They quickly put out the fire.

They found the chicken coop underneath the swing set, Zanetti said. All six of the chickens in the coop were saved. Zanetti said the chickens moved far enough away from the flames to save themselves. A few of the chickens suffered "minor singed feathers," Zanetti said.

The homeowner and the firefighters gathered the chickens and put them into a large dog crate, Zanetti said. They were then taken to the house of a friend of the owner, he said.

The house did not suffer damage. Nobody was injured.

Zanetti said the Fire District during its investigation found an extension cord running from the house to the chicken coop. Heat lamps were found in the coop, he said. Investigators are focusing on the heat lamps and whether they might have been placed too close to a combustible material such as hay, Zanetti said.

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The Park City Police Department described the swing set as being a playhouse. The police said it was "fully engulfed" when officers arrived.