Cisero’s sabotaged as power cut during busy week |

Cisero’s sabotaged as power cut during busy week


Someone sabotaged Cisero’s last week by disrupting power to the Main Street restaurant-nightclub, the Park City Police Department indicated.

The police received the report at 10:47 p.m. on March 21, a Thursday. According to department logs, the police were told someone acted "maliciously" by cutting power to the establishment.

Steve McComb, the Cisero’s owner, said power was cut to the entire building. There was a padlock on the power box at one time, he said, and someone would have needed to intentionally break it if the padlock was still there on Thursday.

McComb said approximately 150 people were inside when the power was cut. Approximately 30 of them left. Last week was a busy period on Main Street as spring break crowds remained in Park City.

"It disrupted it, of course," McComb said about business. "We were in the middle of karaoke and the place went dark."

Power was restored within 10 minutes, he said.

He said a brief power outage occurred at Cisero’s the previous Saturday night as well.

McComb said the incident on Thursday hurt Cisero’s employees since they did not earn the money they would have that night. He said it was fortuitous that nobody was injured in the dark.

McComb said the person responsible might have a grudge against Cisero’s.

Details about the police investigation were not immediately available.

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