Complaint process outlined |

Complaint process outlined


Park City has published a flier describing the Police Complaint Review Committee and the procedures required to launch a complaint against the Police Department.

A form that people use for the complaints asks for information about themselves, when and where an incident involving the police occurred and a description of the incident.

The form also describes that someone who makes false statements on the form may be prosecuted.

Complaints may be filed in writing, mailed to Police Chief Lloyd Evans or sent to City Manager Tom Bakaly. Their address is:

P.O. Box 1480

Park City, Utah


The complaints may also be phoned in to the Police Department at 615-5500 or the city manager at 615-5007 or faxed at 615-4913. E-mails through City Hall’s Web site,, are acceptable as are complaints made during meetings with a Police Department manager or Bakaly.

The city created the committee to provide the public with another method to lodge complaints about the Police Department. Supporters see it as being an independent method to approach the police with problems.

The committee operates in closed-door meetings because personnel issues are discussed.

Jay Hamburger

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