Delay triggered in ammo manufacturer case |

Delay triggered in ammo manufacturer case


A Park Meadows man who wants to manufacture ammunition in a house in the neighborhood was unable to attend a Park City Council meeting on Thursday regarding the proposal, triggering the elected officials to delay a decision.

Mayor Jack Thomas and the City Council were scheduled to hear an appeal of a decision by City Hall staffers denying Halo Armament LLC a business license for a location on the 2800 block of American Saddler Drive. A representative of the firm could not be at the meeting, though, the elected officials were told. The sides unsuccessfully attempted to arrange a teleconference for the appeal. Mark Harrington, the Park City attorney, said Halo Armament LLC was also gathering information.

The City Council voted unanimously to delay hearing the appeal to an uncertain date. It was not clear at the meeting what sort of timeline is under consideration for the appeal.

The elected officials did not discuss the appeal itself in any depth and City Hall staffers did not make an extensive presentation about the matter. The discussion and presentation would be expected at the time of the appeal. Staffers denied the application for a business license based on City Hall’s zoning rules.

At least one person was in the audience to listen to the appeal. Barbara Maw lives in Park Meadows close to the American Saddler Drive house where the manufacturing is proposed. She did not address the elected officials.

In an interview afterward, Maw said the ammunition manufacturing would violate homeowner association rules prohibiting businesses. She also said there are worries about explosions and fires. Maw said she anticipates resistance in the neighborhood as the idea moves forward.

"Nobody wants the danger of manufacturing ammunition if a residential area with kids, dogs, people," she said, calling Halo Armament LLC’s proposal "potentially dangerous."

She also said she has broad worries about a business operating in the neighborhood, mentioning whether there would be parts deliveries to the house. Perhaps Halo Armament LLC could find space in a manufacturing area, she said.

"Commercial uses do not belong in residential neighborhoods," Maw said.

The director of Halo Armament LLC said in an earlier interview he wants to eventually move the manufacturing into a formal business property.

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