Developer in Deer Valley cannot shake project critic |

Developer in Deer Valley cannot shake project critic

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

A longtime opponent of a development in Deer Valley has signaled she will eventually challenge what she expects will be an approval of a zoning-related matter necessary for the project.

The developers of the Stein Eriksen Residences at 7101 Silver Lake Drive must still win an approval of a condominium plat, which would create the 54 units that were allowed under an earlier overall approval for the project.

The Park City Planning Commission recently discussed the condominium plat but did not cast a vote. The panel will make a recommendation to the Park City Council, which has the authority over such matters. The elected officials are not bound by the lower panel’s recommendation.

City Hall staffers anticipate the Planning Commission will make its recommendation at a meeting on April 9. The City Council is expected to address the condominium plat on May 8.

If the City Council grants the developers an approval, Lisa Wilson, who has challenged the project repeatedly, has indicated she wants to appeal the decision. She filed a seven-page appeal memo at City Hall recently even though the City Council has not cast a vote.

It is unclear what sort of process she is seeking. Since the City Council is the municipal government’s highest body, any further challenge of an approval would appear to be a matter for the state court system rather than City Hall’s own appeal process.

In the appeal letter, Wilson covers numerous topics like the way the amount of land within the project that will remain undeveloped was calculated and the way the land has been taxed. She has made similar arguments in the past with little success.

Wilson has been the primary opponent of the project, and she has challenged approvals at various points. She is worried about the impact of the project on the neighborhood, among other concerns.

"Please prevent a Treasure Hill the Second," she wrote in the appeal letter, referring to a disputed development site that is situated on a hillside overlooking Old Town along the route of the Town Lift.

Stein Eriksen Residences is envisioned as a mix of houses and condominiums. The site is close to the Evergreen and Bellemont neighborhoods. The developer, Los Angeles-based Regent Properties, recently won the right to offer so-called lockout units in the project. A lockout is a product that uses interior doors to split an individual lodging unit into two or more units.

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