Dog escapes, chases and trips delivery man in Park City |

Dog escapes, chases and trips delivery man in Park City


A dog escaped from behind a gate at a residence in the Aerie on Monday before chasing and then tripping a package-delivery man, leaving the person with facial injuries, the Park City Police Department said.

The case was reported at 2:54 p.m. on Aerie Drive, the police said. Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the victim was stopped at the house to make a delivery. Kirk said the dog, which appeared to be a German shepherd, jumped against the gate, pushing it open, after the delivery was made.

The dog chased the delivery man to the end of the driveway, eventually tripping the man, Kirk said. The driver’s face hit the pavement on the street, he said. The dog also bit a shoe, according to the police.

The delivery driver, who is 48 years old, called the police from the scene. The Police Department and Summit County Animal Control responded. Kirk said the dog was in the street chasing vehicles when the police arrived. The owner was notified and returned home. Kirk said Animal Control issued a citation for allowing an animal at large.

The driver suffered facial cuts and his nose may have been broken, according to the police. An ambulance took the man to Park City Medical Center, Kirk said.