Dog owners largely follow the rules of Park City’s off-leash areas |

Dog owners largely follow the rules of Park City’s off-leash areas


Dog owners have largely followed the rules in Park City’s two off-leash areas, City Hall said in a recent report, indicating, though, that a requirement that dogs be kept on a leash at trailheads has been an issue.

Mayor Jack Thomas and the Park City Council earlier in April received an update about the off-leash areas, including statistics culled from observations by people collecting information on behalf of Park City. The off-leash areas are located in Round Valley and on a section of the field outside the Park City Library. It appears the observations were made in Round Valley.

According to the report, the observers logged 23 dog encounters. Of those, 18 involved owners who were in compliance with the rules. The observers counted 11 people who were in compliance with a rule that a dog must be under what is known as voice and sight control and none that were out of compliance. The rule requiring that a dog be in voice and sight control is one of the critical ones in the off-leash areas.

The observers saw two people comply with a requirement that dog waste be picked up and two people who did not comply, the report says. There were no observations of dog bites or dogs harassing wildlife, which are both prohibited in the off-leash areas.

But the observers indicated a majority of people did not comply with the rule regulating trailheads, which requires a dog be on a leash when they are within 150 feet of a trailhead. The report indicates the observers saw eight people in violation of the rule and four people in compliance.

The report indicates the observations started in mid-March, a time when winter activities in Round Valley tend to drop off as the snow melts.

The report is expected to be followed by a more detailed one to the elected officials later, as they decide whether to continue the off-leash areas.

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