Dog reportedly shocked by decorative lights on Main Street |

Dog reportedly shocked by decorative lights on Main Street

A broken strand of decorative lights on Main Street might have delivered an electric shock to a dog last weekend, the Park City Police Department was told.

Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the dog owner told the department she was walking down the Main Street sidewalk at a little bit before 5 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 21 when the pet yelped and showed signs that it was in pain. The dog could have been shocked by the strand of decorative lights, which were on the sidewalk, the police were told. The sidewalk was wet at the time.

The dog owner contacted the business with the strand of lights. Kirk said an employee lifted the lights off the sidewalk as a safety precaution. The dog owner was not satisfied with the action and contacted the police, he said.

The Police Department told the business to unplug the lights until they were fixed, Kirk said, indicating officers were worried the lights were a hazard. The business removed the lights the same evening.

The police investigation is continuing. Kirk said the Police Department discussed the situation with the Park City Building Department, which enforces building codes and is heavily involved in related safety matters.

Kirk said the dog owner is an Old Town woman. The police report did not include the dog’s breed or age. Kirk said there was no indication in the police report that the dog was seriously injured. He said, though, the owner took the dog to a veterinarian to be checked.

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