Dogs apparently dig at Park City gravesite |

Dogs apparently dig at Park City gravesite

by Jay Hamburger

Two dogs may have been digging at a gravesite at the Park City Cemetery in early May, the Park City Police Department was told.

The police received the complaint at 8:45 a.m. on May 4 at the cemetery on Kearns Boulevard. Rick Ryan, a department captain, said one dog was reported to be loose in the cemetery while another one was tied to the fence. The person who contacted the police said it appeared the dogs were digging at a gravesite, Ryan said.

The police were told the dogs did not have tags, their paws were muddy and nobody was there with the animals. Ryan said someone is not allowed to tether a dog to a fence and leave it there. He said allowing a dog off a leash in a public place like the cemetery is also prohibited. Leashed dogs are allowed in the cemetery, he said.

Public police logs indicated the dogs were Labradoodles.

“It is disturbing someone’s grave would be disrupted,” Ryan said, adding, “We don’t certainly want anyone or animals disturbing someone’s burial site or gravesite.”

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