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Elk hunters spotted on Park City-owned land

Two elk hunters were seen on City Hall land in the vicinity of Quinn’s Junction late last week, the Park City Police Department said.

The Police Department received a report about the hunters, who were armed with bows and arrows, at 8:25 a.m. on Friday from someone from the Salt Lake area. The hunters were spotted in the vicinity of the Park City Heights development site, Rick Ryan, a police captain, said. He said the person provided a description of the hunters’ vehicle as well.

City Hall prohibits hunting on municipal lands.

The Police Department and the state Division of Wildlife Resources responded. Ryan said the authorities found the two hunters. They were hunting elk but had not killed one yet, he said. Ryan said the Division of Wildlife Resources issued citations for unspecified violations. He said the Police Department did not issue a citation, though.

Ryan said hunting in that area is particularly dangerous since there is lots of human activity there, noting there are major construction sites and trails nearby.

The person who contacted the police told dispatchers one of the hunters shot at a herd of elk, according to Police Department logs.