Glass protecting Banksy artwork in Park City cracks all over |

Glass protecting Banksy artwork in Park City cracks all over


The glass protecting a work created by famous graffiti artist Banksy along Main Street cracked on Saturday morning, prompting the piece to be temporarily covered with cardboard early in the week.

The artwork, depicting a kneeling videographer shooting a flower, is located on a wall of the Java Cow building. It is the most famous of the Banksy pieces in Park City. Banksy was in Park City in 2010 alongside a Sundance Film Festival documentary in which he was featured.

The Java Cow owner later put the artwork under protective covering and frame after vandals targeted it with graffiti.

One of the vandals around New Year’s 2014 attempted to shatter the glass to get to the artwork. He was not successful, but the attempt left the glass badly cracked. The Java Cow owner replaced the glass, which is the pane that shattered over the weekend.

Small sections of the glass were visible beneath the cardboard on Monday. The glass that was visible was badly cracked. A sign attached to the frame indicates the glass cracked "due to unknown reasons" and says the owners want to repair the glass shortly.

The cardboard had been removed by Tuesday morning, exposing the full damage to the glass. The cracks throughout the glass resemble the damage left by the vandal in the New Year’s 2014 attempt.

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Ken Davis, the Java Cow owner, said there is not a timeline for a replacement pane, adding that it takes time for one to be made and then installed. He said it does not seem the damage is a result of vandalism.

"It appears the glass just shattered by itself," Davis said.

The Java Cow Banksy quickly became an attraction along Main Street as people took photographs of the artwork and posed for snapshots with the piece. It is the most famous of the Banksy pieces in Park City.

The glass protecting another Banksy piece along Main Street — an angel boy on the Cunningham Building garage — was not damaged early in the week. The vandal in Park City over New Year’s in 2014 shattered the glass that had been protecting the angel boy and spray-painted the Banksy piece.

He was later caught and pleaded guilty to causing the damage at the Cunningham Building and the Java Cow building. Restitution was expected to run up to $12,000, with the damage to the angel boy artwork and glass accounting for the majority of the dollar figure.