Green Tips: Reasons to thrift shop |

Green Tips: Reasons to thrift shop

Mary Closser
Recycle Utah

Thrifting is a hobby for many. But how many of us do it for our essentials, our day-to-day living?

Thrifting is the ultimate way to live "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" to the fullest. By purchasing used items, you're avoiding a landfill deposit and reducing the use of natural resources.

Here are more reasons to thrift:

• Support the community: Thrift stores are usually nonprofits and exist to support people in need.
• Divert materials from the landfill: Give goods a second, third or 10th life.
• Avoid packaging: New goods often include paper and/or plastics, including online orders.
• Score a deal: Used goods are often less expensive.
• Reduce your carbon footprint: New goods are often transported long distances from a facility, which involves greenhouse gas emissions. Buying local can't be beat.
• Avoid chemicals: New soft goods are sometimes treated with chemicals, including formaldehyde, to give the ware a fresh appearance and prevent mildew during shipping.
• Celebrate the fit: What you see is what you get. There is no need to worry about shrinking or dying.
• Find cool stuff: With patience, luck will pervade and it makes your day.
• Feels good: Financial guilt is minimized when it comes time for big clean-outs.

The reasons are endless to acquire the style of thrifting. Give it a try beyond your upcoming '70s party this weekend. Make it who you are.

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