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Hope Melville, City Council candidate, worries of ‘Carmageddon’

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Hope Melville, an Old Town resident, will campaign for a spot on the Park City Council on a platform that includes issues that regularly draw attention in the community.

Melville is one of six people competing for a City Council seat. There are three seats on the ballot in November. She is 63 years old and has lived in Park City on a full time basis for seven years. She visited Park City on ski vacations starting in the 1980s.

Melville is a member of the Historic Preservation Board, which is City Hall’s Old Town panel. She has been seen regularly at other meetings at the Marsac Building and at City Hall-organized events.

"I love Park City. I enjoy living here," Melville said, adding that she wants to contribute to the community by serving in elected office. "I think that citizen involvement is so important."

Melville is a retired attorney who practiced intellectual property law in California. She was a chemical engineer early in her career.

She said her platform involves the broad ideal of "keeping Park City Park City," a statement that has been made repeatedly in the community as Park City faces renewed growth challenges. It is her top platform issue. She also wants to "keep Park City fun."

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Melville, though, had not crafted details of her platform by the time she filed campaign paperwork at City Hall. She said she wants additional input from Parkites.

She said there are "huge development pressures going on" in Park City.

"Everyone sees construction going on everywhere," Melville said, adding that there is "massive construction" in neighborhoods.

She also said Parkites are concerned about housing.

"We don’t want to become, as a town, a second-home community," Melville said.

Melville has not finalized a housing platform, though.

Melville, meanwhile, plans to discuss traffic and transportation. She alluded to an awful traffic jam in Park City last December, saying it was "Carmageddon" on the roads. She said there is a potential to expand bus routes but did not provide details beyond indicating that the routes, perhaps, could stretch further into neighborhoods. She also mentioned park-and-ride lots as an option.