Ice Arena activities temporarily melt away |

Ice Arena activities temporarily melt away


The community celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Park City Ice Arena in February with a concert and other commemorations. The facility is scheduled to temporarily close on Monday for maintenance work with an anticipated reopening on June 6. Park Record file photo by Jake Shane

Activities at the Park City Ice Arena will temporarily melt away starting next week.

The Quinn’s Junction facility is scheduled to close on Monday for nearly a month for maintenance work, a longer spring shutdown than is typical in the time since it started operating on a year-round basis. A normal closure in the spring lasts a couple of weeks. The scheduled reopening is June 6.

Amanda Angevine, the general manager of the Ice Arena, said workers will shave the ice surface and then let the remaining ice melt before using squeegees to remove the water.

"It takes a lot of time to melt it and build it back up," she said.

The maintenance work will include touching up the paint markings on the concrete that is beneath the ice. The crews will also replace some of the yellow boards at the base of the rink wall and the blue railing at the top of the wall that surrounds the rink. They will replace some of the vinyl protective sheets on the white boards of the rink’s wall. Angevine said another part of the work will be cleaning the puck marks on the white boards and the protective glass surrounding the ice. There will be smaller maintenance projects, cleaning throughout the building and refinishing the showers in the locker rooms as well.

"If we didn’t do them, there would be consequences in the next year or two," Angevine said, acknowledging that a typical Ice Arena user might not notice the maintenance work but a more frequent one could.

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The work is anticipated to cost approximately $10,000. Angevine noted the Ice Arena will also forego an unknown amount of revenues as a result of the closure.

Planning for the closure started more than a year ago, giving clubs that use the Ice Arena time to schedule for the shutdown, Angevine said. She added that some classes and leagues adjusted schedules to account for the closure.

The Ice Arena in February celebrated its tenth anniversary. It was built with funds authorized by voters in Park City and the Snyderville Basin in ballot measures held in post-2002 Winter Olympics era. The facility operates at more than 90 percent capacity between 6 a.m. and midnight, according to Park City officials. The popularity has led to talks about expanding the Ice Arena or constructing a standalone facility outside the current one. Decisions have not been made, however.