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If dogs could talk about the Quinn’s Junction dog park . . .


Dogs frolic with a tennis ball at the fenced-in Park City dog park at Quinn's Junction in May. Park City officials compiled comments from people who bring their dogs to the park. The dog owners offered a number of criticisms. There was a smattering of praise as well. File photo by Christopher Reeves/Park Record

If dogs could talk about the Quinn’s Junction dog park, they might say it is not big enough.

Or they might wonder about a little pond, perhaps, to frolic in on hot days.

Those are some of the topics that dog owners who bring their pets to the dog park broached when Park City officials gathered opinions about the fenced-off park off S.R. 248 close to the Park City Sports Complex.

The comments were made as Park City conducted a survey focused on user habits and what sort of improvements people would like at the dog park. The survey was conducted in 2012 and City Hall released the comments earlier in 2013 amid discussions about the possibility of improvements. The dog park debuted in the fall of 2008 and has only attracted scattered crowds since then.

The comments, which were released without names attached, offer insights into the thinking of people who bring their dogs to use the park. Many of the comments cover topics that have bedeviled the park for some time, such as its location well outside any neighborhoods, while others touch on issues that seem centered on the person’s own dog.

Some people want a small pond or other sort of water feature put at the park while others commented on the dog park’s condition.

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City Hall is considering installing a pavilion measuring 16 feet by 16 feet to offer shade. It could be built by the winter. The people who answered the survey selected additional shade as the No. 1 improvement they desired. Nearly 73 percent of the people selected shade from a list of potential improvements. They could pick more than one. Variation in terrain ranked second and was selected by 57.6 percent.

Some of the comments left by people who took the survey include:

  • "plant grass in the area or at least some part; winter is not usually a problem but during the summer, our dog cut open his paws a number of times due to the stones. He wanted to play, chase a ball or whatever but could not due to his injury. We looked for other areas."
  • "a bigger, more interesting park. Moved here from Seattle & was so disappointed at the gravel, small space. It was nothing. Dogs were bored. Rather take them to the trails."
  • "we need higher fences!! 6 to 8 ft – my dogs can easily jump the current fences, especially in the winter w/inches to feet of snow on the ground!"
  • "more variety and increased size. It isn’t up to PC recreation standards. Give people a reason to drive all the way out to Quinn’s."
  • "something other than just dirt at the base. Yuck! It is so much more pleasant at the city parks, with decent grass."
  • "when we moved to Park City we found the dog park the first day we were here and were completely disappointed with the entire park experience. It was a muddy mess! I know you have made minor improvements in the past three years, but the park is in a bad location and has extremely poor attendance."
  • "truly, this is a really pathetic ‘dog park.’ It’s too small (especially considering it’s the only legal dog park) and it’s BORING!!!!"
  • "park is too stark and not good in hot weather. Water is badly needed at the dog park."

    There was a smattering of positive reviews of the dog park alongside the criticisms. Some of the praise included:

  • "community feel, meet others, relax and socialize."
  • "the dog park is great I think adding the agility equipment would be great or like I mentioned a pool for the pups!"
  • "great place, thanks for maintaining it."
  • "thank you for having the dog park. It is great to have a place to meet and socialize with other dog owners."