Main Street: is dining, shopping or entertainment the draw? |

Main Street: is dining, shopping or entertainment the draw?


City Hall wants to learn what attracts people to Main Street, whether it be shopping, dining, entertainment or events.

Officials have posted a nonscientific survey on the municipal government’s website meant to gather opinions about Main Street. It is timed to coincide with upcoming discussions about further improvements along Main Street. City Hall and the Historic Park City Alliance, a group that represents businesses on the Main Street district, teamed to craft the questions.

The survey wants to learn how often someone visits Main Street and what draws them to the street. It asks whether someone attends events on Main Street, offering a list of answers that includes annual special events like the Park City Kimball Arts Festival as well as more frequent ones like the Park Silly Sunday Market.

The questionnaire also inquires about offerings that would draw someone to Main Street more frequently. Answers include events designed for the community, after-dinner options that do not involve heading to a bar and more retail variety.

City Hall has invested heavily in improvements recently along Main Street, upgrading sidewalks and redoing an important walkway linking the street to the Old Town transit center. Officials are using voter-authorized monies for the improvements.

Park City leaders and Main Street businesses say the improvements are needed to ensure the street remains competitive with outlying commercial districts developed in the last decade or so. One of the survey questions wants to learn where people go other than Main Street for shopping and entertainment. Answers include Kimball Junction-Newpark Town Center, the Tanger Outlets and Salt Lake City.

The survey, meanwhile, wants someone to identify their favorite Park City public space and the public space they like best in the world. It seems that the answers to the questions about public spaces could be used as City Hall and the Main Street leadership craft designs for what is expected to be a municipal development at the site of the Brew Pub parking lot toward the southern end of Main Street.

Officials have not finalized designs for a project at the site. It will likely be City Hall’s most ambitious project along Main Street to be undertaken as part of the streetscape improvements, though. Ideas have included a parking garage, a plaza, work force housing and space to mark Park City’s Winter Olympic legacy.

"What kind of things do people like? What are they drawn to," Alison Butz, the executive director of the Historic Park City Alliance, said about the survey, anticipating the survey will show people visit Main Street for dining.

Butz, who assisted as the survey was crafted, said the answers to some of the questions could be useful as the project is designed at the Brew Pub parking lot site.

The survey is scheduled to remain posted until Oct. 19. Butz said some of the results are expected to be discussed during an Oct. 22 meeting of the Park City Council. The elected officials are tentatively scheduled to address the Brew Pub lot at the meeting, she said.

The survey, which is not scientific, is posted on the City Hall website, . Select ‘Take our Main Street Survey’ in the News section of the front page of the site. The direct link is: . The survey link is also available on the Historic Park City Alliance website, Select the ‘What does historic Park City mean to you?’ link.

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