Matsumoto won’t seek another term on Park City Council |

Matsumoto won’t seek another term on Park City Council

Two-term council member wants to make way for new voices

Monika Guendner
Park Record guest writer
Park City Council Mmber Cindy Matsumoto has announced that she will not seek a third term
Park Record File Photo

One seat on the Park City Council is now officially open. Cindy Matsumoto, two-term council member, has declared she will not seek a third term Monday.

“I do believe in term limits,” she said. “I’ve put in eight years and I think that is enough for one person. I’m very proud what we’ve accomplished as a council, and I think there are other great community members who can contribute and be on the council.”

Since being sworn in in January 2010, Matsumoto has served as a liaison to many local organizations and city departments, including the Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation Board, Historic Preservation board, Recreation Advisory Board and the Special Events Advisory Committee.

She was liaison to the Library Board during the expansion period, and says she is proud of the way the library turned out.

She admits that she will be leaving without achieving all her goals, but she plans to continue to be involved locally with the Park City Historical Society and other opportunities that may arise.

Matsumoto will continue working at her consignment home furnishing business Right At Home, as well as spending time with family. When she ran in 2009, her children were the Park City citizens she was planning a future for, now she has three grandchildren who were born in Park City to add to the list.

Matsumoto will finish out her term through December of this year. “I still want to be there when the first people move into our affordable housing, and when we acquire the pieces of open space we’re working on.”

Open space acquisition is one of items she lists as a greatest accomplishment during her term. It feeds in to a uniquely Park City sense of community that also gets a boost from city council’s priority on affordable housing.

“I think we’re on a great path with affordable housing to keep our community feeling like Park City,” she said.

For anyone considering running for office, she advises keeping an ear to the community at all times.

“It’s important to take community input and weigh the different views, and sometimes that’s the most difficult thing,” she said. “Be optimistic going in. And remember you are working for the community.”

“It’s been one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve ever had,” she added.

The Park Record and Park City Municipal will host a free seminar for citizens who want to take a more active role in local government on Wednesday, May 17 at Miner’s Hospital from 5 to 7 p.m. Open to all residents of Summit County, the seminar covers rules for filing and campaigning, responsibilities and liabilities of elected officials, planning a campaign, and interacting with local media.

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