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Missing Glenwood Cemetery grave markers found

Four small grave markers that disappeared from Glenwood Cemetery earlier in October were removed for maintenance purposes by a member of the family whose plots are in the cemetery.

The Park City Police Department initially classified the case as a theft. The police said this week the criminal investigation was stopped after the circumstances of the disappearance were determined.

Four small grave markers from the plot of the Yates family were taken from the cemetery grounds sometime between Oct. 11 and Oct. 12. The markers date to either 1919 or 1920, the president of the Glenwood Cemetery Association, Bruce Erickson, said after the disappearance.

Phil Kirk, a Police Department captain, said the family member indicated he is the last living descendant of the Yates family. The man is in his 80s. Kirk said the man took the grave markers to have concrete bases made for them in order to ensure they remained upright.

"He wanted to make sure they didn’t get any further damaged," Kirk said.

The man was unsure who to speak to before he removed the markers. Kirk called the situation a "communication breakdown."

"He never could find anybody to contact," Kirk said.

The man plans to return the grave markers with the new bases to the site shortly, he said. The markers measure approximately eight inches tall, four inches wide and two inches deep. Each of them weighs less than five pounds. Divots were visible at the plot after they were removed.

Bruce Erickson, the president of the Glenwood Cemetery Association, said the association is pleased the family takes care of the markers. Erickson had previously said it was unclear whether the disappearance was a prank prior to Halloween.

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