Moose become an attraction in Park City |

Moose become an attraction in Park City

Moose have become an attraction in Old Town.

The Park City Police Department continued to receive reports of moose sightings in the neighborhood. In one of the cases, reported on Saturday, a crowd gathered around a cow moose and a calf, according to police logs.

The report was filed at 2:17 p.m. in the vicinity of the intersection of Norfolk Avenue and 10th Street. The Police Department later indicated the two animals were closer to the intersection of Woodside Avenue and 10th Street, a block away from the report.

The police were told 12 people gathered to watch the moose. Police logs also indicated the cow moose had become aggressive and state wildlife officers would be called to relocate the two moose. Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the cow moose and the calf were eating apples off a tree. The police officer who responded did not witness the moose acting aggressively.

Earlier that day, at 8:14 a.m., the police received a report of a cow moose and calf somewhere along Woodside Avenue. People were getting too close to the animals, the police were told.

Kirk said the state Division of Wildlife Resources informed the Police Department it does not intend to relocate the moose unless they are injured or aggressive. Kirk said a relocation puts stress on moose. A relocation typically involves a wildlife officer shooting a moose with a tranquilizer dart, loading the animal into a trailer and releasing it into an unpopulated mountainous area.

Kirk said there have been several sets of cow moose and calves seen in park City recently.

The captain said people should keep a "reasonably safe" distance between themselves and moose. He said a cow moose and calf present a "potentially very dangerous situation."

"Use their telephoto lenses . . . not take the risk of getting too close," Kirk suggested as he described people wanting to snap pictures of moose.

Last Tuesday, meanwhile, the police were contacted about a cow moose and a calf that were seen a short distance from Saturday report. At 6:58 p.m., a cow moose and a calf were seen in the vicinity of Deer Valley Drive and Aerie Drive. Police logs indicated an officer planned to remain at the scene with the vehicle lights flashing to slow down drivers as the moose crossed Deer Valley Drive. Just earlier, at 6:41 p.m., a cow moose and calf were seen in the vicinity of lower Main Street headed toward the Old Town roundabout.

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