Move from the McPolin Farm to Old Town without leaving the room |

Move from the McPolin Farm to Old Town without leaving the room

Park City plans to make improvements to Miners Park on Main Street in 2016 as part of City Hall s ongoing upgrades along the street. It is one of the few public gathering spots along Main Street. Courtesy of Park City Municipal Corp.

Someone will be able to move from Lowell Avenue to the McPolin Farm to the lower Park Avenue corridor in just a few steps on Tuesday.

City Hall has scheduled an open house covering numerous projects planned in 2016 or are upcoming later. It is seen as one of the best opportunities to learn about the municipal government’s work plan this year as staffers and consultants involved in the projects are made available for questions.

The event will delve into construction projects as well as City Hall’s long-range planning efforts. The construction projects sometimes draw wider attention since they loom more prominently over the coming months. The open house will address public projects instead of ones planned by the private sector.

Advertising for the event indicates there will be information about a wide range of projects. Many of them have received publicity in recent months, as plans were crafted, but some of them have not been as widely discussed in the community. Some of the projects involve heavily traveled roads or well-known sites while others are related to important municipal infrastructure.

Some of the projects that are expected to be addressed include:

  • the lower Park Avenue corridor, where City Hall envisions developing municipal-owned parcels along the street or on nearby streets. Park City officials want to pursue an ambitious housing program along the lower Park Avenue corridor. Details have not been finalized, but some of the parcels under consideration in the planning include the site of the Park City Senior Citizens Center and the location where a fire station once was located.
  • the iconic barn at the McPolin Farm. City Hall plans extensive structural upgrades to the barn in what will be the first major work of its kind at the site in approximately 20 years. The project is expected to have a dramatic appearance as some siding and a part of the roof are temporarily removed.
  • the reconstruction of Lowell Avenue, which is part of City Hall’s long-term efforts to improve Old Town streets. The project is expected to involve a new road surface and improve the street’s infrastructure, including sewer lines, water lines and curbs and gutters. The project runs between the intersections with Manor Way and Empire Avenue, a length of approximately 2,300 feet.

    Park City also expects to outline topics like planned improvements at Miners Park on Main Street this year and work anticipated at the Brew Pub lot toward the southern end of Main Street in 2017. Other items that will be covered include maintenance projects on streets and pedestrian-bicycling improvements on a part of Park Avenue.

    Craig Sanchez, who is the community engagement liaison at City Hall and is heavily involved in work plans, said municipal crews are not expected to be as busy along Main Street as in some past years. The Miners Park project, though, is scheduled to start as early as mid-June and be completed by late September, he said. The park, one of the few publicly owned spaces along Main Street, will be redeveloped. The project includes a redo of the restrooms and a new stage, Sanchez said.

    The event, meanwhile, will offer information about long-range work on issues like the future of Interstate 80 and the Park City entryways along S.R. 224 and S.R. 248. There will be discussion about the prospects of remote parking lots. Officials will also address studies delving into transportation on lower Park Avenue and Bonanza Drive and parking in the Main Street core. Plans to build a transit center at Kimball Junction could also be discussed.

    Park City officials see an open house like the one planned on Tuesday as offering people an opportunity to learn about numerous projects at a single event rather than holding a series of events focused on a single project. City Hall, though, oftentimes holds individual open houses for larger projects. The event on Tuesday is scheduled from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. on the third floor of the Park City Library.

    "It’s just easier for people to see what’s going on throughout the town," Sanchez said about the open house arrangement.

    For more information about the event, contact Sanchez at 615-5206.

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