No, you aren’t allowed to do that in Park City during Sundance |

No, you aren’t allowed to do that in Park City during Sundance


No, you aren’t allowed to do that.

Park City at some points during the Sundance Film Festival appears to be a free-for-all, but there are numerous City Hall rules in place meant to ensure things don’t get out of hand.

Much of the festival hubbub is along Main Street, and City Hall dispatches staffers to the street to monitor the goings-on. The Police Department, the Building Department and the Planning Department regularly are seen on Main Street during the festival to make sure the rules are not broken.

They check that people have business licenses if they are engaging in commercial activity and stop people from plastering buildings with film posters and handbills, among other duties.

City Hall published a document known as "Rules of the Road — Sundance 2014′ outlining some of the regulations as the festival approached. People risk a citation if they are seen breaking the rules, but violations are regularly seen anyway.

Some of the rules described in the document include:

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  • a prohibition on distributing handbills, fliers or other promotional materials on the sidewalk and street. Violations of the rule are commonplace as filmmakers attempt to generate buzz hand out the materials, usually on Main Street. Kiosks are put on Main Street where people are allowed to post the materials. Distributing the materials from a vehicle is also prohibited.
  • a restriction on using a megaphone or outdoor speakers. Park City does not allow someone to use amplification outside "unless it is music associated with an approved outdoor dining area," according to the Rules of the Road.
  • a restriction on large vehicles parking on Main Street, such as a recreation vehicle. The document says vehicles may be a maximum of 26 feet long and eight feet tall to park on Main Street.
  • a prohibition on reserving parking spaces on Main Street.
  • a prohibition on screening a movie in a vehicle. The prohibition also includes conducting business out of a vehicle.

    The Rules of the Road are available on City Hall’s website, Select ‘Sundance Film Festival’ from the ‘Doing Business’ button on the front page of the website and then ‘Rules of the Road.’ The direct link is: