Building labeled ‘not historical enough’ |

Building labeled ‘not historical enough’

Park City’s Planning Department notified the Planning Commission that this A-frame house on Woodside Avenue, constructed in 1967 according to the Summit County Recorder’s Office, but does not meet the criteria for Landmark or Significant Designation. The A-frame was constructed outside of the identified historic periods Settlement & Mining Boom Era (1868-1893), Mature Mining Era (1894-1930), and Mining Decline & Emergence of the Recreation Industry (1931-1962).

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Park City

Park City adds another layer of open space protection to Treasure

July 23, 2019

Park City leaders recently added a layer of protection to the City Hall-owned Treasure acreage overlooking Old Town. The Park City Council took one in a series of procedural steps that are needed as officials finalize the open space status of the municipal government’s most expensive conservation acquisition.

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