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Old Town pipe breaks, sending water into Poison Creek

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

A crew excavated the site of a water line break close to Swede Alley on Thursday morning. Jay Hamburger/Park Record

A water line in Old Town broke Thursday morning, sending water flowing into nearby Poison Creek.

Kyle MacArthur, Park City’s water distribution manager, said the line is two inches in diameter and serves five houses on Grant Avenue, a small street close to Swede Alley.

MacArthur says the line is believed to date to the 1960s. It corroded over the years, he says. Water was seen seeping out of the ground and into Poison Creek. The houses suffered low water pressure as a result of the break, according to MacArthur.

MacArthur says a municipal crew excavated the site on Thursday, located the break in the line and repaired it with a cap. Water service was shut off to the houses during the repair, which was completed by the middle of the afternoon on Thursday.