Park City bicyclist pulled over while passing traffic stop |

Park City bicyclist pulled over while passing traffic stop


A Park City police officer pulled over a bicyclist in early July after the rider did not move into another lane of while passing an officer conducting a traffic stop, the Police Department said.

Rick Ryan, a police captain, said an officer stopped the bicyclist at the intersection of Deer Valley Drive and Aerie Drive at 11:20 a.m. on July 2.

State law requires a vehicle to move into the next lane as they pass a traffic stop when the police vehicle’s light bar is activated if they are able to do so safely. The bicyclist did not move to another lane, Ryan said.

Ryan said the officer involved in the traffic stop or another officer pulled over the bicyclist. The police officer warned the bicyclist verbally. The Police Department did not immediately have information about the bicyclist.

Ryan said the law is meant to protect the safety of an officer conducting a traffic stop.

Bicyclists must follow the traffic laws that govern drivers when they are on a public road. The Police Department occasionally pulls over bicyclists for violating traffic laws. Some of those cases have involved bicyclists not stopping at stop signs. It is unusual for a bicyclist to be stopped for not moving into another lane as they pass the scene of a traffic stop.

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