Park City certifies election |

Park City certifies election

Jeff Dempsey, The Park Record

The Park City Council met briefly Monday morning to certify the official results of the Nov. 3 election, and while the meeting was as uneventful as the election itself, there was one bit of good news worth sharing. Matt Dias, assistant city manager, said the official numbers indicate more than 40 percent of registered voters within the city limits participated, either through early voting, provisional ballots or on the day itself.

"I think with the additional ballots that came in, I think we’ll probably get close to 45 percent," he said. "We were well over 40 percent, which is a very good turnout for an election. [Speaking from] my experience with elections at the federal and state level, that’s a very strong turnout."

City Councilmember Liza Simpson, who is completing her second term this December and did not seek re-election, pointed to voter turnout as a reason for optimism.

"That was heartening for me," she said. "I think it shows we’ve been doing a good job, and even though there was nothing exciting happening, no controversy, people showed up. People cared about who got elected and they turned out. I mean I’d love to have 100 percent participation, obviously, but 40 is pretty good."

Simpson said she believes the strong field of candidates pushed turnout higher, and she has high expectations for the new council when they start in January.

"I’m thrilled for them," she said. "It’s a very exciting time to be on the council."

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Simpson said Park City elected an eclectic group of representatives in Nann Worel, Becca Gerber and incumbent Andy Beerman.

"I have enormous amounts of respect for all three of them," she said.

Each person, Simpson added, brings something unique to the table.

"I’ve served with Andy," she said. "He is bright and a hard worker. He’s done incredible things in his first term for the city — his work on the Mountain Accord alone — that has positioned us in a better way for years to come."

Simpson said Worel’s is a voice the council definitely needed.

"I know Nann very well because I was on the board of the People’s Health Clinic," she said. "And one of the things I like about the fact that Nann was elected is that she is very much in tune with people in our community who aren’t trust-funders, right? And who are struggling to get along."

As for Gerber, Simpson said she was so happy to see a younger person step up.

"I’m really excited about Becca," she said. "I have said over and over to the younger people in this community, you know, it can’t be all the gray-haired people making decisions for you. You’ve got to get involved and do it. And Becca took that to heart. I think it will be great having her generation’s voice at the table."

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