Park City designs a plaza along Swede Alley |

Park City designs a plaza along Swede Alley


Park City officials are preparing to build a plaza on Swede Alley starting in the spring, a space steps from Main Street that has been of interest to leaders in some form for years.

Dubbed the City Hall plaza, it will be positioned on ground roughly bounded by the building housing the Swede Alley liquor store and KPCW radio station, the historic wall parking lot, the City Hall steps and the Swede Alley roadway.

The blueprints include plantings, benches and picnic tables. Matt Twombly, the City Hall project manager assigned to the plaza, said a sidewalk will be built from the China Bridge garage to the historic wall parking lot. Brick crosswalks will be put at the intersection of Swede Alley and 5th Street. Officials anticipate the plaza will tie the Old Town transit center to China Bridge and tie City Hall to Main Street.

The work will eliminate six parking spots, Twombly said. He said the designs were crafted in an effort to eliminate as few spots as possible. A short-term parking area will be designed so it can be blocked off to create a temporary gathering space.

The Park City Planning Department on Tuesday is scheduled to accept testimony about the plans during a required input session. The session is set to start at 12 p.m. in the department’s conference room. Anya Grahn, the preservation planner at City Hall, said the department had not received public input through Thursday afternoon.

Park City officials readying to build the plaza need to secure an approval from the Planning Department for what is known as a historic district design review. That sort of review is required of many projects in Old Town. It is the only permit the project needs from the Planning Department.

The department has 45 days, starting on the date of the input session, to review the application against City Hall’s strict Old Town design guidelines and municipal government’s development rules outlined in a document called the Land Management Code. The 45-day review window oftentimes starts and stops based officials requesting more information.

Twombly said the plaza is estimated to cost $650,000 to build. Work is expected to start in mid-April, depending on the timeline of the approval process.

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