Park City dog dispute leads to knife threat, police told |

Park City dog dispute leads to knife threat, police told

A dispute about dogs in Old Town in late September led to a man brandishing a knife, the Park City Police Department said, describing an unusually tense confrontation centered on loose dogs.

The case was reported at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 27 on Daly Avenue. Rick Ryan, a police captain, said the case involved two neighbors and their dogs.

Ryan said a woman went onto her porch with her dog off a leash as she readied for a walk. Her dog saw a neighbor’s dog, which was also off a leash, in the woman’s yard, he said, indicating the woman’s dog jumped onto the other dog. She grabbed her dog.

The neighbor then confronted her, Ryan said. The woman told the police the man pulled a pocket knife and threatened to kill her dog, Ryan said. The man used "unkind, explicit words," Ryan said. The woman told the man to stay away from herself and her dog, he backed away and then left, the captain said. She went inside and called the police.

A police officer spoke to both of the people. The man acknowledged he brandished a knife but said he did not threaten the dog, Ryan said. He said the Police Department issued the man a citation on a count of disorderly conduct and a citation on a count of having a dog at large. The Police Department also forwarded the case to the Summit County Attorney’s Office to screen for a charge of aggravated assault against the man, Ryan said. The Police Department issued the woman a citation on a dog-at-large count, Ryan said.

Ryan said the man told the police the woman’s dog, a pit bull, attacked his dog a few times over the past year. The man and the woman recently engaged in a confrontation about the dog, the police were told. Information about the breed of the man’s dog was not immediately available.

"It looks like they have plenty of history between themselves and the dogs," Ryan said.

He said the pit bull was involved in an unrelated incident a few days earlier, also on Daly Avenue. The Police Department logged the case at 7:52 p.m. on Sept. 21. The dog "came out of nowhere" and grabbed a woman’s pant leg, according to police logs. Summit County Animal Control responded to the report, issuing the woman a citation for having a dog at large, Ryan said.

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